Rivers ,clouds, oceans and the sea are flowing along with time and so are we .They make us forget we are human and just another cosmic entity . Like the sun like the moon and we are actually in space playing a magical reality.So what we are and what we are doing is a brain washed duality.Controlled by hunger ,controlled by thirst.This world is so wonderful ,its a joy full of burst. Time is playing it’s run, hope we realise we are all one.


Every disease is a mission ,everycause is worthwhile .

Everything has a reason every dawn has a sunrise.

It’s left to us to find the answers they do have their sweet time.

Even if the road is bumby please do remember to smile.


It all began on one of the cold winter nights of Pune. The most wonderful City to live in. I was enjoying my job everything was fine until one night I started hearing voices . The voices kept following me everywhere until I realised it was only in my head .

While I was travelling wanted to set things right but I got connected to an angel and my entire life changed

She showed me.wt is life and control my minD.

I melted like brain became a jelly ball

I lost all abilities and even stopped smoking pot.

Thinking wt is my 


All the answers kept coming in and all the puzzles needed was some time.  The right time will decide when you need to know what ,how and why . 

Because we don’t know, we tend to assume . 

All we need to do is wait patiently every little thing will resume. 
You are not  lost but searching the answers will.

Wait for the answers to.come all we have to do is chill

  • Life is a wonderful and beautiful journey don’t waste it in searching  answers , every answer has a moment and that moment will be the best when it’s the right time .

Dont waste time in hate and  blame, life is a simple game.